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pocket shield


Function & Fashion Reimagined

Pocket Shield // is the first accessory of its kind!
This Lightweight, Ultra-Thin, Ergonomically Designed wallet fits better in your hand and has a feel to it that NO other wallet has ever achieved!
Combining patent-pending functionality with game-changing fashion, Pocket Shield // solves the problem of bringing your wallet with you when you’re in your business casual or business professional attire while offering an unlimited array of customization and style options through our interchangeable Pocket Bar // and other accessories. Sign up below to be first in line for our Kickstarter and to secure your 40% off “thank you”!

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  • Ultra-Thin
  • Contour Capturing Design
  • Flex-enabled Side Panels
  • Premium Top Grain Genuine Leather
  • Industry Leading RFID Blocking Material
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-Use, Premium Elastic Pocket
  • Wallet & Decorative Device Holder
  • 3 X Card Holding Slots
  • Pen/ Sunglass Holding Loop

Pocket Shield // Pocket Bar

Functional. Fashionable. Flexible.

Go from functional in-office men’s accessory to fashionable out-on-the-town attire with speed, ease, and simplicity. The pocket bar product line is a visual uplift to your pocket shield accessory that takes seconds to interchange, which will elevate your outer appearance and take it to that next level.

Pocket Shield // styles

Pocket Bar // finishes

F2 // accent color options

more innovations to come

The Company Behind The Pocket Shield //

f2 products

Our Mission is to provide our customers with high quality products that bring together Function and Fashion in a Reimagined way.


Alongside our Mission, we place Customization and Interchangeability at the forefront of all our designs and product lines. We want to make sure that our customers are well dressed and ready for life’s endeavors. Whether it be that job interview of a life time, a best friend’s wedding, or a night out on the town, our products will make sure you stand out from the rest and bring about a unique, one of a kind look wherever you go!

Who is the Pocket Shield // Pocket Bar designed for?

This product line was carefully and thoughtfully crafted to move seamlessly between our work and our casual lives. While we offer a multitude of different uses through a single design, from our Access Control Card holding slot, to our custom fitted notepads, you don’t have to utilize everything at once. We truly see the Pocket Shield // as the first accessory of its kind! While at its core, the Pocket Shield // is an ergonomically designed minimalist wallet, its ability to house a note pad and pen, add a decorative piece that will trim out any pocket, and that will quite literally change it’s shape through our collapsible side panels, this accessory becomes much more.
From Doctors using the Pocket Shield // as a professional in-office tool, to an intern using the Pocket Shield // as a sleek minimalist wallet and note pad.
From the golfer who’s tired of that bulky back pocket that’s always messing up their swing, to the student who’s tiered of taking their wallet out just to get comfortable from class to class.
Our Pocket Shield // was truly designed for anyone and everyone who is ready for, quite literally, an out-of-the-box solution to the traditional wallets and card carriers.

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