Why did we create the Pocket Shield?

Because wallets have always been designed around cards and cash, leaving you with only two basic shapes to choose from – a square or a rectangle. While this accomplishes the overall point of a wallet, the traditional wallet is bulky, uncomfortable, and ruins your look, making
carrying them an unpleasant experience.

So, instead of just adding tons of unnecessary features, we sought out to completely reimagine the typical wallet’s overall design. This is where the idea for the Pocket Shield was born.
pocket shield
By utilizing ergonomics, we crafted you a minimalist wallet around your comfort and lifestyle, instead of just the cards in your wallet!

The name Pocket Shield has a dual meaning and application. Not only have we used the industry’s leading RFID blocking material for our card slots to help keep your personal information safe and secure, but we have also crafted a contouring-capturing design to SHIELD behind it all your valuables keeping your outer appearance crisp and clean.

pocket shield line-up

The Pocket Shield solves the problem of bringing your wallet with you whether you’re in business casual or business professional attire while offering an unlimited array of customization and style options through our interchangeable Pocket Bar and other accessories.


A Pinnacle of Function & Fashion

The Pocket Shield’s patent-pending functional capacity and design is the key to achieving that “minimalist lifestyle,” you crave while keeping your outer appearance fresh and giving you the capacity to carry your cash, cards, and more!

The items you carry around with you for various occasions might change, but that no longer means that you must change your wallet or compromise your professional appearance! So don’t miss out on the chance to be the first to get this amazing new wallet!

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